Introducing Olink Flex

A made-to-order panel with our renowned data quality that runs on your Olink Signature Q100. Or at a trained service provider.

  • Mix and match

    Industry-leading flexible assay library

  • ~200

    inflammation-focused protein biomarkers

  • 15 to 21

    assays per panel,
    40 samples per kit

  • pg/mL

    Readout in absolute quantification and NPX

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View the ~200 inflammation-related human proteins with industry-leading combinability in a broad mix and match library.

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Flex Assay Library (197)

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Key features

  • Flexible quantification methods

    Results reported in pg/mL (absolute quantification) or NPX (relative quantification).

  • Minimal sample volume

    Use only 1 μL of blood to measure up to 21 proteins simultaneously.

  • Fully validated protein biomarkers

    The validation process follows the same strict procedure as all our products. See data results for each biomarker here.

  • Top quality, fast delivery

    Each Olink Flex order is quality controlled prior to shipment and delivered within ~3-5 weeks.

  • Control of selection

    The test run of each produced kit evaluates that correct protein biomarker assays have been combined.

  • Expected ranges and sample controls

    The test run ensures proper sample controls, accurate quantification and expected accuracy/precision ranges.

Full product specification

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